Your Resume and Bulls*** Bingo

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What, you thought I was done?

I’m just getting warmed up.

Dealing with Peeps

If you have management experience, be sure it is highlighted.? Managing projects is about managing people.? If you are brand new and are going for a position like “project coordinator”, “project analyst”, or as a team member working on a project, highlight specific examples where you accomplished great things working with your team.

Action Statements

A resume is not a WBS.? It’s not a scope statement.? It’s a tool to describe what actions you have taken in the past to get things done, and lead prospective employers to believe you will probably get ‘er done in the future.

Scope, Schedule, Budget

Highlight your experience managing the triple constraints.? I will call out relevant factoids like? (these are made up)

  • “Managed a project budget of $5MM”.
  • “Lead my team through a dramatic change in engineering approach and de-scope.”
  • “Built and managed schedules at multiple levels and across multiple contractors, maintaining vertical traceability.”

Straight Talk

fortune cookie resume by ceeb via Flickr

fortune cookie resume by ceeb via Flickr

I prefer direct and concise language on my resume.? I’ve seen too many resumes when screening candidates that I could play bullsh** bingo with.

(Is “vertical traceability” in the last section a candidate for bullsh** bingo?? Hmm…borderline, but hey, at least it actually means something.)

Both of the statements below are meant to describe the same event.

  • Improved answer rate by 10%, cut abandoned calls in half
  • Led a client-focused and results-driven initiative to enhance customer satisfaction through optimized efficiency.

Imagine you saw the second bullet all by itself.? What does that even mean?