Your Project Status is Part of Your Communication Plan

Project managers, status meetings are an essential part of your communication plan. You want to show up prepared and knowledgeable about your project.

You might think, what is the big deal?

But when you give status to your sponsor and other executives, they evaluate you and your ability to run a project.

It might not be fair, but if you cannot deliver project status clearly, concisely, and confidently, they wonder if you are the right person to lead the project.

Take advantage of your status presentations to showcase your knowledge and your professionalism.  To show your executives that you belong in the room. And to network, while building support for your project.

You know that you are responsible for creating and managing a communication plan for your project.

Your project status presentation is an important part of this plan. You want to be aware of how you are expected to present your status and to who you will be speaking. The fact that your sponsor and other executives form opinions about you during your presentation cannot be over-emphasized. And how you succeed is in being prepared, understanding your organizational culture, strong stakeholder analysis, and management and your delivery.

Pay attention to others around you. Learn from those who do well, and learn from those who do not. Be honest in your own assessment of your performance, and when you see opportunities to improve – take them!

You want to be the one that others emulate in their presentations to your executive team.