Learning Project Management

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I studied project management formally at RMIT university at Melbourne Australia.? I have about 10 years experience as a PM and BA on process and IT projects a large enterprises.? I thought I knew my stuff.

The first part of degree consolidated my knowledge by wrapping it up in the PMI framework.? Gaps were closed and details that I was aware of but not familiar with were elaborated. It was all practical and pragmatic training.

As I moved through the three year degree the learning process changed.? I learned less and less in class from the academic staff and more from my structured reading programme and from discussions with other experienced? students.

What I noted in particular was that I was setting the threshold for what learning boundaries I chose to pursue.? I was the one I was learning for and exams and assignments were not goals, but tools to help focus me and guide me.

I was very happy with my degree by the time I completed it and now I teach the subject at another university as part of an IT degree.

The thing I notice with students is that most start the subject with the goal of passing the exam as another step along the way to getting the degree.? But many quickly become interested in the field and choose to extend their own reading and exploration of the topic beyond the basics of the course.

I find that rewarding. Thanks to you students.