Time Management in Today’s World

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So, I think of writing here everyday and remember promising myself that I will write 2 articles a month.

I haven’t. I come back to the site and see articles everywhere and I am lost. Amidst so much information am not sure what I can write about. I am far from being an expert on project management; Iam simply trying to be one.

After a while I wonder how people manage their time and do so much within the same 24 hours. I am reading ?Beyond Code?, a book by Rajesh Setty and its fascinating because the author talks about how time is the equalizer- everyone has their share of 24 hours and how you use it, makes you different.

Bingo-Time Management it is. It is something all of us (aspiring project managers) should know. I read quite a few site and blogs and come across lots of people like Elizabeth?Harrin writing in more than one site. Amazing I tell myself- how on earth do they have the time to do so much?

So, here’s my list of things every aspiring Project Manager should do-

  • Network– You can save time by not having to physically meet people, use social networking sites and blogs. An email, IM and a phone call can be your time saving answer to the old world- drive and meet for lunch.
  • Be well read– I think it?s important and I have been reading like crazy for the last months. There are no shortcuts to reading I guess, however you always don?t have to walk to the library to get hold of a book. Apart from ordering online, blogs/sites (like this one) are a great way to enhance your knowledge. Some authors give away the free version of download-able books in their site or blogs ( That is how I read Beyond Code).
  • Ask questions– More you read and understand more questions you all have. Clarify your doubts; email your mentor, ask your seniors or sms your friend.
  • Have a mentor– I swear by this all the time, it really helps. They are the ones who will inspire you when you think the worlds going down. With web happening now, you can have a mentor anywhere in the world and a quick email or a phone call is enough to keep you going or get some great advice.

I think it?s important to know what to do then how to do it. If you know one you will get to the other. No doubts about that.

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