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There is a new design to pmStudent now in place.? As I type this post, I am getting people from all over the world who are interested in contributing to pmStudent on an “as I can” basis.

These are veterans, students, new project managers, business analysts, and everything in between.? My goal is to get as many people as possible, and most will only post one or a few times a month.? I plan to use a queuing system to structure the content from multiple authors in a consistent manner and have a reliable daily dose of pmStudent coming your way.

If you haven’t yet contacted me about writing for pmStudent, please do so now! My email address is Remember, I’m looking for students who have never written a blog post to veterans with decades of experience.? I hope this will turn into an educational community-driven blog where newbies throw out their theories, veterans share lessons learned, and all other types of interaction that will increase the zeitgeist of project management knowledge.

A snapshot of the new site design is below.? I will definitely be fine-tuning it as we move along, but I wanted to get it out there (I’m more of an iterative guy, anyway!)? I am using the Visionary WordPress theme and have migrated from the blogger hosted platform to hosting my own WordPress blog at midPhase.? (Excellent 1-click WordPress install!)? I really like the more visual layout and “landing page” style.? I hope you do too!

I have had a few issues with getting the domains pointed correctly, etc. so please bear with me if you’ve experienced any problems.? Thanks!

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