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In our pursuit to meet challenging deadlines, it is not uncommon to encounter the mindset that advocates for a quick fix, under the assumption that improvements can be made later on. However, the reality we often face is that these improvements are frequently postponed until a problem arises. This is a challenging situation that we regularly encounter, and it is one that can be managed more effectively through the diligent use of our project management tools and communication practices.

For instance, when an issue occurs due to our initial ‘Band-Aid’ solution, it is crucial to keep a record and acknowledge that this was a potential risk from the outset. The key here is to continuously identify and keep track of these risks. We must acknowledge the possibility that the temporary solution we put in place may not hold up indefinitely and that, at some point, it may fail.

When this risk becomes a reality, resulting in delays or cost overruns due to overtime, it thend becomes a learning opportunity. At some point, the realization may dawn that these quick fixes are in fact costing us more in terms of time and money. However, this realization may not come to all organizations due to differences in organizational culture. Some may continue in a constant state of firefighting, reacting to crises as they occur rather than proactively addressing potential issues.

The truth is, if we find ourselves unable to effect a change in such environments, we must then consider if it is a situation we can tolerate. While sometimes the answer may be yes, there may be times when the answer is no. This is why it is important to understand organizational cultures and our own leadership styles, allowing us to make informed decisions about where we can best contribute and thrive.