The Best Speech You Will Ever Regret

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Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” Ambrose Bierce

You just gave one of your most eloquent speeches. You were inspired, you were passionate, you were a bit witty, and you had the attention of everyone around you. Your words evoked strong emotion in others.  Unfortunately, you were also, very, very angry.

It was a great speech. In front of your entire team, you clearly and succinctly told your project sponsor that if he asked you for one more change, the very act of reading that change request would send you into convulsions. Then for effect, you demonstrated what it looked like for you to succumb to convulsions. You even threw yourself on the floor and at his feet, where you looked up at him and said:

“Please sir, no more, you’re killing me. You’re killing us all.”

At this point, everyone including your project sponsor laughed. The problem is that some of your team was sincerely laughing, some were laughing nervously, and your project sponsor’s laughter was forced. He did not think you were funny at all.

Maybe next time before you speak, you should write. Go sit down and write it all down. Do not send it out in an email; do not post it on your favorite social media site. Read it and review it. This helps you to get it out of your system and it allows you to THINK about the ramifications of your amazing speech BEFORE you deliver it.

Funny thing with words, once they tumble out of your mouth you may have to eat those words, but they still don’t disappear.