The Accidental Project Manager

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Josh Nankivel who created the pmStudent community that we all now enjoy, was an accidental project manager.

Well me too! And maybe you as well.

Apparently it is not all that unusual that some of us stumbled upon project management

In fact last week I was on the phone with a client (he was learning about how to become a project manager) and he stated,?”It seems like so many of you somehow just turned into project managers because that is what your employer needed you to do.”

Now we did not all get here by accident. Many of you found out about project management and made it part of your career plan.

You did not find out your job title when someone pointed at you in a meeting and said:
?Well, YOU ARE the project manager.?

That is how I learned my title. (Click here to watch the video and as I share my story with you.)

Fast forward to today – I have been in project management since 1997. I have been a program manager and even briefly managed a PMO (Program Management Office). Now it is my joy to support you as you manage projects. To be your resource and your coach and your instructor.

I am no longer an accidental project manager. Today I am a purposeful supporter of project managers. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your world.