Templates For Project Management

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Ah, templates. ?Everyone wants templates for project management.

They can be great for reference. ?But watch out. ?I received this question in an email from Sudhir:

Also appreciate if I could get some samples of

Requirement Traceability Matrix,
Requirements specification,
Risk Register,
Stakeholder Register,
Progress Report,
Status Report etc

I know about these documents but Currently we don’t use any of these, so want to understand it.

The approach I take in my training at?http://learn.pmstudent.com is to demonstrate the creation of project artifacts from scratch, and explain them as I go. ?Templates are OK, but the problem is trying to learn from them. ?It is very difficult to really understand how to use them effectively unless you have created them yourself. ?Afterward, you can use other templates and adapt them as needed because you’ll understand them thoroughly.
You can certainly find examples by doing specific Google searches however. ?Just put a filetype identifier into the search.
For example the following query in Google will yield only .xls files for you:

And you can do that for any artifact, and any file extension (.doc, .xlsx, .docx, .pdf)

(screenshot above is from a template created live and from scratch in course #4 at learn.pmStudent.com)