Take Your Project Team Outside

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My team does a daily tag-up (Scrum-ish in nature) and just started going outside now that it’s feasible for us to quickly get to our meeting spot. We meet in the cafeteria area when it’s not so nice outside, and I think either way it’s good to get out of a conference room and offices.

I feel refreshed and focused when we are able to meet in the sunshine, and I can see the difference in morale with lots more smiles and laughter throughout the meeting and the rest of the day. ?If you can find a way to make work more enjoyable for everyone, go for it I say.

(I was itching a bit in the video due to mosquitoes about. ?Don’t worry, I shot this miles away from where my team meetings are held and this was right next to a river. ?Don’t take your team to a location where they are apt to be eaten alive!) ?:-)

Do you take your project teams outside on a regular basis? ?If so, do you get weird looks from other people in the organization since this is not considered “normal” team behavior in many companies?