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ITIL?: A Project Manager?s Perspective

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If you are a Project Manager working in an IT environment, you may have heard the acronym ITIL? (IT Infrastructure Library, a set of books similar in nature to PMI?s PMBOK Guide) or ITSM (IT Service Management – the concept of IT as a ?service? to the business). If you haven?t heard of ITIL, you […]

Project Change Management

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“My boss read in a magazine that developers using ‘___’ programming language are twice as productive, so he bought us a copy and cut our schedule in half.”

Project Change Management: Why developers need a project manager who can also manage change well, and get buy-in from the team before forcing a change on them.

Help Your People Escape Meeting Hell

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“I spend half my days in meeting about how to get more work done (instead of working).”

Next up, this troubled project team member is riddled with meetings that do not seem to add any value, and he feels he could get more work done if people just left him alone. How can a project manager help?

Requirements Management Please!

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Developers everywhere are in terrible pain. Why has it come to this? What can we do to make the world a better place for software developers and their children? This series of posts will address the pain!

The first sad, sad story….. “We’re 4 months in to a 5 month schedule and I just received the final requirements yesterday (and they’ve changed again!)”

Fast Money? No, Agile EVM!

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…dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA! – Dr. Peter Venkman

No, it’s true! Earned Value Management techniques can work with non-traditional project management methodologies, including Agile, Critical Chain, and Lean PM.