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Chaos and SCRUM

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Josh asked me to write about some of the challenges and obstacles that we face in our environment. In order to do that I should explain a little about that environment.

Over the past 36 months we have transformed ourselves…

Agile & Waterfall Background

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I am a Lead Systems Engineer on a very large multi-year project to deploy image processing software for a satellite ground system, and would like to share some experience and lessons learned in trying to manage a project using agile and waterfall software development in harmony.

All About SCRUM

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SCRUM is something I have some experience with, and I believe there are many tools and techniques that grew up in various methodologies that we all can learn from. You may already know that I’ve written about SCRUM on pmStudent.com before, and the various applications of techniques that can be relevant to all types of projects, even those far removed from software development.