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Risk Management is All in YOUR Head

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“Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate It.“ – Reid Hoffman No project is without risks. It is all in how you handle those risks. And the place to start is at the very beginning. The minute that a project idea is discussed […]

Risk Management on Small Projects

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Having managed small/simple and large/complex projects, risk management is something that I know I have neglected on the small/simple ones in the past, but the need for it becomes apparent on the large/complex ones. There was a discussion recently Inside pmStudent e-Learning about this. I’ll share my thoughts, and I’d like to hear yours. Scaling […]

Risk Management in the Snow

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…we stayed the night because it was getting worse and the snow plows weren’t going to be out until the next day in that area. I wouldn’t have driven back on Saturday around noon but our dog Snickers needed to be cared for. So I left the family safe and warm inside and I ventured out.


Common Language is the Key to Project Management

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Imagine being asked to work on a project, only you don?t speak the language in the country in which it will be conducted. You wouldn?t get very far, and you?d most likely experience a lot of raised eyebrows because all you could do is point and smile. Sharing a common language is not the same […]

PM Lectures – Project Management Training

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I recently went through a course from PMLectures called “Dealing with Difficult People” by Margaret Meloni. I’m earning some PDU’s with it but I also learned a lot of techniques to help me deal better with people I work with every day.

In short, the video presentation goes through

Irrational Loss Aversion

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Recent events allowed me to catch up on some reading and I found myself going through “Sway – The Irreresitable Pull of Irrational Behavior” by Ori and Rom Brafman. The book is a generally enjoyable light read, but it delved into one topic I found very fascinating: irrational loss aversion.

The Need for a New Knowledge Area

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So I’m doing some PMP sample test questions today and ran into one where at the end, additional things were added and the customer is very happy. According to the answer, this project was unsuccessful because the additional features were “gold plating” which wastes time and probably cost. I got this wrong because I read “the project has added [this and that]” as the [this and that] = intended product of the project.

But there’s a deeper insight here.