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Your Customers Don’t Care

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I was in a local cafe the other day working on a Kanban training course I’ll be making available sometime soon. I grabbed the usual coffee for fuel and then a sugar avalanche of a toffee bar caught my eye. And I bought it. Because I have no impulse control whatsoever. I chewed the first […]

Performance Based EVM

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Many of us have experienced frustrations with obtaining useful program performance data. It is not always an easy process of maturing project management and earned value management best practices…

What Are Requirements?

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Requirements are descriptions of the end-result of your project. They are a way to gain consensus on exactly what it should do, and impose some constraints as well.

Good requirements DO NOT impose a particular solution unless there is a valid business reason. Let me explain.

Are you eligible to appear in the PMP exam?

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So, you have been hearing of the advantages of being a PMP and have finally decided to appear in the exam!

Great! Before you get set to prepare for this exam, you need to spend a moment verifying whether you are eligible to appear in it. Through this article, I will help you do exactly this.

So, what is it that you need to be eligible?

Successful Projects: It’s Not Rocket Science

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There is often a misconception that managing an IT project is difficult. Avoiding the common pitfalls of IT project management is not rocket science, it is simply a case of taking some sensible measures. This article identifies 5 killer mistakes of project management and their solutions.

Requirements Management Please!

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Developers everywhere are in terrible pain. Why has it come to this? What can we do to make the world a better place for software developers and their children? This series of posts will address the pain!

The first sad, sad story….. “We’re 4 months in to a 5 month schedule and I just received the final requirements yesterday (and they’ve changed again!)”

Lessons Learned from Anita Wotiz

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Anita Wotiz is the guest blogger this week over at the UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley Project Management blog. She published great post titled “An unrepeatable success?” Read it here. It was great to hear about the project, specifically the lessons learned and trying to relate them to my own experience. I wouldn’t write the […]