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Where Did THAT Project Come From?

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There you are, about to lead another project kick off meeting. You know what you and your team are supposed to accomplish, but do you know why? If you are not certain do not feel badly, because you are not alone. Too often we are assigned projects to lead without being given any background as […]

Linking Business Strategy to Project Strategy

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Business strategy is determined at the corporate level in a “deliberate” (i.e. planned) or “emergent” (i.e. reactive) response to the external business environment. The success of strategy is purely determined on how well it is executed. Projects serve as the vehicle to implement and execute the corporate strategy.

A Primavera P6? endeavor

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If you have ever been frustrated by MS Project and the glorious features, I welcome you to my Primavera P6 endeavor. Mover over bacon, here comes something meatier.