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4 Ways To Refresh Your PM Career In One Hour

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Stress is a fact of the project management world. The responsibility to deliver projects, week after week, gradually wears you down. On a Friday morning, you finally deliver a major project. Before you can even start to unwind, someone asks you to join another project. Suddenly, the sweet experience of a well delivered project fades […]

Re-Framing Your Project Management Experience

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How do you break into another industry as a project manager? I was recently asked this question by someone coming from the film industry. ?The resume I was referred to looked more like a filmography listing for this post-production supervisor. Similarly, a few years ago I had coffee with a cousin of mine while in […]

Why Project Management

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The scope is highly technical, the schedule is tight and the budget must be parsimoniously managed. With so many aspects to balance all at once, how is it that we have come to be the project manager of this endeavor. Why? Did you choose to study the discipline of project management and make a career […]