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The Perfect Project – London Area Training

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Ron Rosenhead is someone I have a lot of respect for. He’s a project management consultant and trainer, and shares a pragmatic approach to managing projects in the real world. He and I had a great discussion for almost 2 hours Inside pmStudent e-Learning about: Getting Started in Project Management PM Involvement in Business Cases […]

This is awesome!

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I’m happy to announce that my friend Travis Anderson who is a frequent contributor to this site recently had an article he wrote published in the PMI College of Performance Management’s quarterly “Measureable News” newsletter.

It’s a great article on…

Dog Food and Project Management Training

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As I walked through the pet store the other day I was thinking about how much of an investment I had made in my own professional development during 2009. When I arrived at the shelf where Snicker’s dog food lay in wait for me, I took a look at the price sticker.

Calling All New And Aspiring Project Managers!

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I am collaborating with an MBA student on the following short survey on your project management training needs. The results will allow me to better serve your needs, and the MBA student will be doing statistical analysis on the data for me. After you submit the survey, you’ll be given an option to enter your […]

5 Project Management Training Opportunities For You

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I was contacted by several companies who are putting on free webinars and/or virtual conferences on project management and related topics.? I learned about a few others talking with Dave Garrett of gantthead.com while in Orlando for the PMI Global Congress so I added those as well. This is a great way to get free […]

PM Lectures – Project Management Training

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I recently went through a course from PMLectures called “Dealing with Difficult People” by Margaret Meloni. I’m earning some PDU’s with it but I also learned a lot of techniques to help me deal better with people I work with every day.

In short, the video presentation goes through