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6 Books To Make You a Better Project Manager

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As 2010 draws to a close, the need for predictions about what will happen in 2011 about.? I have even offered my own guesses and plans here, here, and here. For this year-end post however, I offer some tools of skepticism to you, dear reader.? When it comes to predicting the future, we are all […]

What’s in your library?

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Many of us work in different industries, have different experiences, live in different parts of the world, and are from different generations, but I bet we all have a few books in common among all of us here…

Save Money on Project Management Books

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Book swapping, discounted buying, used sellers….there are many ways to get your hands on great books for personal development or classes without paying the full cover price. I kept track of my savings over the university book store price when I was working through my degree in Project Management.? I saved about 60% overall compared […]