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How to Get Feedback From Project Team and Stakeholders

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I received a question from Inside pmStudent e-Learning about getting feedback from your project team and stakeholders. ?It’s important to have an open environment where team members and stakeholders feel comfortable to give feedback in person, but surveys can be useful as a way to allow for an extra channel of communication. ?For those not […]

Project Communication – Email Accountability Check

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Time to hold my feet to the fire. Recently I wrote a post about email communication on projects. ?My focus was for co-located teams and my aversion to using email as a primary communication mechanism for this kind of project environment. I’ve been with my new team for about 6 weeks now and decided it […]

Project Communication

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Effective project managers communicate about 90% of their time. There are no misunderstandings; there are only failures to communicate. Project managers communicate by using different mediums to convey a message. The message might be to an individual, a selective meeting with team leads, project sponsors, or the whole team collectively. It is truly critical for […]