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Critical Chain Benefits From Traditional PM

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Today I was trying to think of ways to integrate some of the methods and benefits of Critical Chain project management into the traditional PM methodology most companies use. I wanted to pick out one element of CC that would potentially yield the most benefit without much, if any, additional overhead to the project manager. […]

Project Monitoring

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been going through a job change, and the last month has been hectic with getting things shored up at my previous company and (trying) to get up to speed at the new company. I recently listened to my favorite podcast, […]

Communication on Small Projects

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In the July 2007 edition of PM Network magazine, the cover story is entitled “Small Projects, Big Results”. What a great edition of this magazine, especially the Point/Counter-Point Article featuring yours truly. 🙂 Anyway, back to the small projects piece. It speaks to the importance of doing sufficient planning even on small projects. I personally […]

Surprise! Now You’re A Software Project Manager

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I started reading Bas De Baar’s book today, “Suprise! Now You’re a Software Project Manager!” Bas is a fellow contributor over at PMLC, and after hearing his interviews on Controlling Chaos and The PM Podcast, I had to pick this one up. In the introduction, Bas touches on many key points that I could relate […]

My Interview On The PM Podcast

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Cornelius Fichtner over at The PM Podcast surprised me a while back by inviting me to be an interview guest on his show. I was obviously flattered as he puts out the grand daddy of project management podcasts, and I’ve been listening to the show for many moons. In my opinion Cornelius’ The PM Podcast […]

Risk Attitudes

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I listened to Cornelius Fichtner’s new PM Podcast episode today, How do risk attitudes affect your project? As usual, Cornelius provides great content in this episode. The interview with Janice Preston was very insightful and helped me with the concept of risk management. In school, they teach you that risk management is almost like it’s […]

Idea for a Project Mangement Podcast

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I posted the response below to a post about project management podcasts on this project blog, and wanted to share. I especially want to give a shout out to Dina and Cornelius, and any other experienced project managers that have been contemplating a podcast or even a new blog. I think it would be excellent […]

PMI Member Forum Response- Critical Chain

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I responded to a question on the PMI member forums that I wanted to share: Subject: Critical Chain Project Management Does anyone have experience with this PM approach/toolset. I have run across some people proclaiming it as the savior of project management (unfortunately, the biggest proponent I met seemed to think that a Project Plan […]


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Published Jan 13, 2007 It’s amazing how many wonderful people there are out there. I’ve reached out to several people who have all been so willing to mentor and help out a newbie like me. I’d like to give a shout out and thanks to the following, and keep the list updated so I always […]