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Notes From A Stress Fest

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Kimberly Wiefling had an article today on Projects@Work (www.projectsatwork.com) giving us a taste of some hard-learned lessons when dealing with project sponsors. I’ve always loved Kimberly’s sense of humor and highly recommend just about anything she’s written. This is a great example of education a la entertainment. Check out her book too, you can buy […]

Put Off Procrastination

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The student syndrome is alive and well. I see it all around me, and I am no less guilty than any other. Why do we put everything off until the last minute? Especially the important things? I’ve recently read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, which has helped heighten my sensitivity to this phenomenon going […]

The Scope Baseline

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I’m studying for the PMP exam, so you may be getting some PMI-isms coming your way for a little while. I’m using the PMPrepcast to study, and I actually found one point to disagree with Cornelius Fitchner on today! (That doesn’t usually happen!) In the Scope Control podcast, he talks about the “updates to the […]

Watch Out for False Productivity

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Cutting’s Edge is one of my favorite project management blogs. Thomas recently posted on the cost of project success. I enjoyed the examples of the construction of several wonders of the world as projects and their often overlooked consequences on the project teams that built them. Thomas draws out a parallel to contemporary projects, and […]

The Orchestra Conductor

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Sam Hahn drew a pretty picture the other day in comparing project management and the role of the project manager to an orchestra and its conductor. I do not have much of a musical background, but even I can see the perfect parallel between a conductor and project manager. I started thinking about how the […]

Catching People Doing Things Right

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I had a stimulating discussion today with Travis, a friend and colleague about communication styles. It reminded me about the importance of catching people doing things right. Many managers and co-workers miss opportunities to congratulate or thank people who go above and beyond, but rarely miss an opportunity to criticize when mistakes are made. Here […]

Research Project – IT Project Failure

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Matt Miller is a final year student at Loughborogh University in the UK. He is working on his dissertation on IT Project Failures, and would like your help! There are 2 surveys below, one for ProjectManagers to complete with details of their most recent 3 projects since January 2005 and another questionnaire for anyone involved […]

PM Network – Go, Team, Go!

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I finally got a chance to read this month’s PM Network magazine. There is an article on keeping project team motivated that caught my attention starting on page 38, written by Simon Kent. The article reminded me of a previous post I wrote back in February, 2007 titled Motivational Theory in Project Management where I […]