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Should You Only Hire PMPs?

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I received an email from the studio audience which has sparked one of my rare but fun rants. “…companies should use PMPs instead of untrained but experienced project leads. If you have any sources I could use, please send them on!!”” Deep breaths Josh….deep breaths….. That’s Lazy If screening for PMP certification is a part […]

PMP Exam: Memorization vs Knowledge

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I received an email yesterday asking about ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs) in relation to preparing for the PMP exam. They were asking a question I get all the time from people worried about having to memorize all of them.? Your own lessons learned may differ from mine, but here’s what I think about […]

New Project Managers and the PMP Exam: A Rant

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The PMI has done a magnificent job of marketing themselves and one of their certifications in particular, the PMP exam. If you are relatively new to the career opportunities that revolve around project management and start researching more about the field, it is likely you will know about the existence of the PMP exam immediately. […]

Great PMP Exam Training

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In terms of a self-study course to help prepare for the PMP exam, this is the only one I recommend. Why? Because I purchased it myself when I was studying for my PMP exam and I enjoyed a few key aspects of the program…

ITIL?: A Project Manager?s Perspective

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If you are a Project Manager working in an IT environment, you may have heard the acronym ITIL? (IT Infrastructure Library, a set of books similar in nature to PMI?s PMBOK Guide) or ITSM (IT Service Management – the concept of IT as a ?service? to the business). If you haven?t heard of ITIL, you […]

PMP Exam Study Advice That Works

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Want to ensure your success on the PMP Exam and actually learn something in the process? pmStudent gives you the solutions you need to succeed. Hiring managers want valuable professionals, so education and experience are critical. Certifications are a part of that mix. Our aim is to arm you with all the background and resources […]

Chasing the PMP

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I found a blog today titled “HISTORY of Linux and Minix” and found this particular post interesting. I think the author of this blog is anonymous, but they are giving some good advice for folks who are looking into PMI and the PMP exam in particular. Check it out! Chasing the PMP Certification Exam

Are You New to Project Management?

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I received an email from someone the other day who is very interested in becoming a project manager. She doesn’t have any experience in the field yet, and wanted some advice on how to proceed. She assumed that the PMP exam is what she should be looking into getting. She mentioned that she is saving […]

Updates to the Best PMP Prep Around

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You may already know that I purchased the Project Management PrepCast? shortly after it was released last year by Cornelius Fitchner, the host of the Project Management Podcast. I enjoy the product immensely, as audio is a good format for me to learn. The focus is on understanding the concepts internally, so that you know this stuff instead of rote memorization. There are several updates that have been made since I first became a customer and wrote about it, and I would like to share those with you now.