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Reader Q&A: The WBS and Cost

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I wanted to share an email question I received through a Twitter contact of mine and my response.? Feel free to chip in with your own insights! Question: I hope you don’t mind me coming to you for advise and help with Project Management. I have this one question which I keep pondering on. In […]

Estimating Effort: Part 1

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This series of articles is extracted from a similar series I wrote for Projects@Work a couple of years ago. I’m posting it here in reaction to my review of Josh’s articles on Earned Value where he (in my opinion) used the term “estimate” when he should have said ?”budget.” Many of the terms related to […]

A Question of Ethics

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Craig over at Better Projects posted something interesting. It deals with ethical implications raised by a scenario in which you are a contractor bidding on a government project with ITAR sensitivity. Some of your people are not US persons per the ITAR guidelines. I have some limited experience with this one that I would like to share.