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15 Ways to Hook a Gig as a Project Manager

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Mike Clayton recently responded to a question he receives often from his audience, “how do I get into project management?” I really liked what Mike had to say, and so this is my riff on his ideas. seize opportunities ? any opportunities. Take any chance you can to get involved in a project and then […]

Do you over-deliver?

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It’s something that gets a lot of lip service.

But are YOU doing it?

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

-Zig Ziglar

Project Manager Career Questions

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A business student recently interviewed me via email. She is interested in project management and this was part of an assignment to reach out to people via Twitter to interview about what they do and the state of their industry/role. (My kudos to the professor for encouraging students to use new media to interact with people who are already in the field!)

I asked her permission to share the interview with you, I hope you find it helpful. Leave comments on what you agree and do not agree with!

Becoming a Project Manager

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In episode 62 of The Project Management Podcast, Cornelius interviews Thomas Cutting on the subject of breaking into the project management profession. ?This episode was helpful for me and reinforced some of my ideas on the subject. One obstacle I’ve run into is that many of the project managers I work with now have a […]