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Excuses for Project Managers

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The possibilities are endless! We could even get the team involved by picking someone out of a hat to have the honor of rolling the die or spinning the wheel in a team meeting to determine which excuses we will use. Talk about teamwork!

Point 10 – No Slogans or Disingenuous Pep Talks

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This point consists of two elements as I see it. (1) Walk the talk, and (2) hold systems accountable. Walk the Talk Slogans are phony. The word slogan has a connotation of something that is not real. It sounds like an advertisement, and not something you can really trust in. In a project management organization, […]

CCEVM Evaporating Cloud Diagram

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A Goldratt technique came in handy to map out where I see the conflict between CCPM and EVM that I referred to in my last post. Please excuse it’s sloppiness, I will try to make a cleaner computer-generated version later on, but I think I may be refining this later on anyway. I’ve never seen […]