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Critical Chain Benefits From Traditional PM

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Today I was trying to think of ways to integrate some of the methods and benefits of Critical Chain project management into the traditional PM methodology most companies use. I wanted to pick out one element of CC that would potentially yield the most benefit without much, if any, additional overhead to the project manager. […]

Planning For Change

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One thing that never changes is the constancy of change. That seems like a self-evident truth, doesn’t it? So why do we plan as if change will not happen? People in general are fairly good at managing change, but of course we vary widely in those abilities among individuals. As a result, I believe most […]

Point 11 – Attribute Results to Processes

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This may be the most controversial point, but in my opinion it is aligned with the rest of Deming?s philosophy nicely, and I agree with this point totally. In the US especially, Management By Objectives (MBO) is very much the status quo. I?ll give a short explanation of my opinion from an operational standpoint first […]

Point 3 – Inspection is a tool for improvement, not a whip

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Deming’s third point urges practitioners to design quality into processes, using inspection as an information-gathering tool to do so. In project management, the processes and systems make up a methodology. Does your organization have a consistent methodology, or does everyone run projects their own way? Inspecting project performance through the lens of continuous improvement facilitates […]

PMI Member Forum Response- Critical Chain

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I responded to a question on the PMI member forums that I wanted to share: Subject: Critical Chain Project Management Does anyone have experience with this PM approach/toolset. I have run across some people proclaiming it as the savior of project management (unfortunately, the biggest proponent I met seemed to think that a Project Plan […]