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Introducing “Critical Chain Project Management”

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…an effective scheduling technique that enables project managers to truly plan a project instead of merely stringing tasks together to an end date. True planning calls fot a great deal of thought that should go into executing a project and steer it towards success. But to do that, we need to first understand project failure.

SCRUM Concepts in Traditional PM

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I wrote earlier about a potential method of using Critical Chain-stype “mini-buffers” within an element of a traditional project management approach. Now I would like to revisit multi-tasking and how having some experience with the Agile software development methodology called SCRUM has helped me formulate some guidelines. Some of these ideas come straight from Critical Chain too, and a myriad of other methodologies all pointing to the same conclusions.

Critical Chain Benefits From Traditional PM

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Today I was trying to think of ways to integrate some of the methods and benefits of Critical Chain project management into the traditional PM methodology most companies use. I wanted to pick out one element of CC that would potentially yield the most benefit without much, if any, additional overhead to the project manager. […]

Project Monitoring

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been going through a job change, and the last month has been hectic with getting things shored up at my previous company and (trying) to get up to speed at the new company. I recently listened to my favorite podcast, […]

My Interview On The PM Podcast

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Cornelius Fichtner over at The PM Podcast surprised me a while back by inviting me to be an interview guest on his show. I was obviously flattered as he puts out the grand daddy of project management podcasts, and I’ve been listening to the show for many moons. In my opinion Cornelius’ The PM Podcast […]

PMI Member Forum Response- Critical Chain

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I responded to a question on the PMI member forums that I wanted to share: Subject: Critical Chain Project Management Does anyone have experience with this PM approach/toolset. I have run across some people proclaiming it as the savior of project management (unfortunately, the biggest proponent I met seemed to think that a Project Plan […]

Critical Chain Resource Management

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I corresponded with Vladimir Liberzon after seeing a post he made on the Critical Chain Yahoo Group with a link to a presentation on?Resource Limited Project Management. The presentation deals with managing resource constraints from a Critical Chain perspective and is a good resource for people interested in CCPM. Vladimir’s company, Spider Management Technologies (I […]