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The Good News is YOU have BAD News

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“Nothing travels faster than light, with the possible exception of bad news, which follows its own rules” – Douglas Adams
Perhaps your subject matter expert has resigned or project costs have increased, whatever happens you need to be able to
deliver good news and bad news. The good news is usually easy. Delivering bad news takes practice.

Making status meetings fun is possible – yes, I promise!

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Regular status meetings are boring: everyone goes around the table and rehashes what they did in the last week or month. No one really cares. If the project dates are slipping, the team wants the meeting to be over with so they can get back to doing something useful.

But status meetings can be fun!

Successful Projects: It’s Not Rocket Science

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There is often a misconception that managing an IT project is difficult. Avoiding the common pitfalls of IT project management is not rocket science, it is simply a case of taking some sensible measures. This article identifies 5 killer mistakes of project management and their solutions.

Project Blame Management

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John sighed. “Oh well, let’s just keep our noses to the grindstone and make sure our part is good. Even if the whole thing fails, at least they won’t be able to point the finger at us.”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t let the director know about this? Maybe he’s oblivious to the whole thing going on over there.”

“Na, besides……”

Survey Project Teams for Feedback: Video Blog

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This is my first video blog, it is a screen capture where I expand on a post I made earlier about using a monthly team barometer to gauge how things are going on your project, and get honest feedback. I show you exactly how to sign up for an account at polldaddy.com and I set up a sample post with 3 targeted questions for your project team. Let me know what you think about this format of post!

Catching People Doing Things Right

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I had a stimulating discussion today with Travis, a friend and colleague about communication styles. It reminded me about the importance of catching people doing things right. Many managers and co-workers miss opportunities to congratulate or thank people who go above and beyond, but rarely miss an opportunity to criticize when mistakes are made. Here […]

Critical Chain Benefits From Traditional PM

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Today I was trying to think of ways to integrate some of the methods and benefits of Critical Chain project management into the traditional PM methodology most companies use. I wanted to pick out one element of CC that would potentially yield the most benefit without much, if any, additional overhead to the project manager. […]