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Social Not Working ?

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Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Digg, Linked In ! Include to that services like Skype, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk ! What about wikis, blogs, forums, podcasts ? Uff ! Many are the social networks and many are the possibilities and services offered. What is the problem ? The concept of “networking” gained a boost by technology, […]

Saying Goodbye at Work – 6 Tips When Someone Leaves

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My friend called this morning for advice.? He couldn’t understand why the email he had sent to a person he met Friday had been returned.? It turns out that the person had been fired without notice late Friday afternoon.? Perhaps she worked for one of the Bobs (Bob Slydell and Bob Porter) from Office Space. […]

Activity Based Costing in Project Management

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1.0?????? Introduction & Background of the Case The purpose of this descriptive case study is not to elaborate on the complicated details of EVM, but to elaborate on the fundamentals of activity based costing (ABC) in the context of project management. The opportunity is to develop an integrated management system utilizing ABC concepts to plan, […]