Are You Stuck at 95% Complete?

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At the weekly status meeting, things seem to be progressing well.

Several team members report some of their many tasks at 95% complete. ?They have had other priorities and have to focus on something else for awhile, but they are almost done.

The Next Week

Again, things seem to be going very well. ?Many more 95% complete numbers to report. ?Very nice. ?They look really nice in your fancy project management software.

But wait, many of these are the same tasks that were reported as 95% complete last week.

Perhaps it’s an anomaly.

And the Next

Grrrrr. ?Some of these same tasks have been sitting at 95% complete for several weeks now. ?Did something happen to the space-time continuum?

You go talk to the team members and try to figure out why. ?Isn’t progress being made? ?”Maybe it’s me, you ask yourself.”

Maybe it’s someone else’s fault. ?Perhaps the scope wasn’t documented well and is growing for some reason. ?Time to go choke your business analyst.

You soon find out that many of the other tasks on their plate are taking precedence. ?They are higher priority, for sure. ?But you can’t keep doing this! ?So many things are getting almost done, and then dropped because of other fire drills that come up. ?What can you do?

What’s Your Solution?

I know what mine has been. ?How would you solve a problem like this? ?What tools and methods would you bring to bear in this situation?

Leave a comment below. ?Hey, since you’ve read this post, you’re 95% complete.