Social Media on Projects: Rubbish?

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I stumbled across this great discussion today on the Parallel Project Training website and just had to share.

I suppose it depends on what your definition of social media is…people tend to think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others (at the moment). I would also point people to this?interview of Hal Macomber by Bas De Baar for more on this topic.

“Project Management is all about control”

This was a statement in the discussion. ?I come from a very Theory-Y perspective and so in my opinion, if my team can’t be trusted to talk to my customer, I may be thinking about replacing them. I wrote about this just a bit ago: Are You The Bottleneck?

I’d like to see what you think about this discussion. ?What do you agree with, and disagree with? ?What points would you have brought up that did not get addressed? ?Leave a comment and share this post to ask others for their opinion too!