This is a resource page that you can always come to for all of your project management learning needs. ?Bookmark this for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links to products that will earn me a commission and help me keep the site running. These are all things that I have personal experience with and/or come highly recommended, recommended because they are helpful and are trustworthy companies.

Project Management Training

  • pmStudent e-Learning: ?This is my online, self-paced training for you. ?New and experienced project managers are learning how to get ahead in their careers.
  • PDU Podcast: ?These webinar sessions with project management experts cover diverse topics and are very well produced by my friend Cornelius, host of the PM Podcast. ?Highly recommended!
  • My Recommended Books: ?Over the years I’ve read and reviewed a lot of books for you.

PMP Certification

  • PMP Study Process: ?Tips and resources for you to study for the PMP exam.
  • PMP Handbook: ?This is from – be sure you read it carefully before deciding to go for your PMP.
  • PM Prepcast: ?Tons of video and audio training, it’s what I used to help me study for my own PMP certification exam. ?Highly recommended, tremendous value!
  • BrainBOK:?The ITTO explorer is awesome and so are the tests, a great companion to the PM Prepcast.
  • PMP Study Coach: ?Lays out a ?road map for you to follow as you prepare for the PMP exam. ?I’ve reviewed it and was even asked for my advice when it was being created. ?Great stuff for those who aren’t sure where to start!
  • PM Formulas: If the formulas involved with the PMP exam have you worried, this product will help. ?In my opinion, this is a great consolidated resource for you to learn the right formulas.
  • 1800-Question PMP Exam Simulator: Phenomenal value and quality. ?The only premium simulator I recommend for you. ?It’s like having 9 full practice exams!