Projectize Your Resume

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Trying to get your foot in the door in project management?

Projectize your resume.

project manager resumes - by SOCIALisBETTER via Flickr

project manager resumes - by SOCIALisBETTER via Flickr

A project manager resume is similar to other resumes, except for one key difference I can recommend.? This is one key thing I changed when I began trying to get specifically into the project management field, and did not have enough formal experience yet to rely on.

It doesn’t involve deception.? I’ll NEVER recommend you lie on your resume or cv in any way, ever.? This is not a “trick”, it is a tip on how to present your own experience if you are seeking a project management related role.

Highlights and Results

I recommend 2 sections for each position you’ve held.? A one-sentence description of your job, and then a section titled “Highlights and Results”

For this second section, I recommend a bulleted list with concrete accomplishments and quantitative metrics that are honest and concise.

My own “highlights and results” section is limited to just a handful per role.? I keep a separate document with a longer list, and gear the resume for a particular application based on the type of company and environment.? Present your real work history and experience in the most appealing way…suit it to the situation.

Here’s the Real Tip For Your Project Management Resume

For the last bullet point, I use it to highlight my project-specific experience.? For instance, if I was a team member on a project, I might say something like this:

  • Worked on several project teams
    –Global360 Imaging MIS Project, many small projects enhancing usability, automation, and report distribution, projects related to integrating production systems with MIS systems

If I were a lead on these projects, I would qualify my involvement as “technical lead on several projects” or whatever the right language is for the situation.

And if I had managed these projects, I might use “Successfully managed and implemented many projects” or again, whatever wording makes sense for your situation.? If they were not successful projects, don’t say they were.

Want to share your own tips for optimizing a resume for project management positions?? Leave a comment below and share!

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