Project Manager Career Choices

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Wondering what your options are for your budding project manager career?

You have a unique scenario (just like everyone else 🙂 )

A quick shout-out to new students taking their careers seriously this week. Welcome Brenda, Gayle, Jessica, Doug, Kumar, Scott, Worthey, Colin, Jessica (a different Jessica), Pacheco, and J.B.

Your Career

General training is great.

It can give you all the fundamentals you need to progress.

But sometimes you have a specific question.

You’re struggling with a particular scenario that is individual to you.

Your Questions, Answered

Just in the past week we’ve had awesome questions and discussions on these topics:

  • Domain Knowledge – How important is it for a project manager?
  • PMP Certification – Does it help your chances of landing a job, specifically in the Middle East and Europe?
  • Schedule Frustration – In a scenario with contractors, how can you deal with late deliveries and turn it around?
  • Jack of All Trades Getting into PM – How do you make the transition, what helps to land a job?
  • Targeting Organizations and Networking – Why would you want to do this, and how?
  • Recovering from PMP Exam Failure – How do you rebound from a failed exam and succeed?

Light Bulbs Going Off

Every week, I see light bulbs going off.

People get an answer to a question that changes the way they think about their career or how they manage projects.

Here’s a recent one.



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