Story Time!

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Telling stories is a powerful way to convey just about any message.

Lessons learned and mentoring are received in a deeper way when relayed through a well-told narrative.

Story Teller by Roman Keller via Flickr

Story Teller by Roman Keller via Flickr

I am a teller of these stories, and a collector as well.? I get a LOT of email from people about their experiences in project management.? Sometimes I ask them to share their experiences with me so I can relay those to my audience here on the blog, through my newsletters, etc.

Managing all these through email has become a bit unruly for me though, even with the strict system I use to manage my email messages.


I set up a few ongoing surveys where you can share your stories with me and the rest of the world.? They are not hosted on my own servers and are completely anonymous unless you elect to provide your information.? I will be checking these on a regular basis and sharing those stories.

PM Career Stories

If you’ve been able to move your career towards project management in some way, you can imagine how inspiring it would be for people who want to do the same thing.? I get some awesome stories from people who landed a job as a project coordinator or analyst, have been able to get their project manager to give them some extra PM duties so they can gain experience, etc.? Or people who started volunteering.? These are awesome steps!

If you’ve been a project manager for a long time, you can recount how you became a PM and if it was a career you actively sought out.

The most helpful and inspiring submissions will be stories about why you wanted to be in project management, your background and career path, challenges you faced, how you felt through the process, etc.

There are lots of up-and-coming project managers out there who want to be a project manager.? They might be a technical contributor now, a general team manager, a student, or someone coming from a completely different path.? Your stories about gaining experience, your own career path, etc. will inspire and guide them.

Tell a good story!

PMP Stories

Have you passed your PMP exam?? Imagine how inspiring it would be for people who are studying right now to hear your story.

Some ideas: why you decided to go for the PMP, what you used to study and your opinion of those materials, challenges you faced, how you felt through the process, etc.

Tell a good story!

Be sure to leave out any specifics about the questions you were asked on the exam. That information is confidential and should not be shared.