Two New Resources For Project Managers

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Hello everyone, Josh here.

I’m excited about a few new FREE resources I’ve put together for the community.? One is for new and aspiring project managers, the other is for helping PMP-certified project managers leverage and maintain their credential.? I hope these are valuable for you and where you are at in your own career.

For New and To-Be Project Managers

I’ve finished my eBook “Getting Started in Project Management”!? It now comes automatically with the free email newsletter.? In addition to the rest of what’s in the newsletter, the eBook focuses on the following:

  • A fairly detailed account of my own personal career path including trials and tribulations
  • Lessons learned, tips, and resources for getting started in your project management career
  • Background and experience required for a career in project management

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You Are PMP Certified.? Now What?

This new monthly newsletter is focused on helping you to maintain your PMP certification through continuing education requirements.

  • How can you make your PMP work for you?
  • How can you use your PMP for good, not evil?
  • How can you maintain your PMP so you don?t lose your certification?

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