Project Management Institute NA Global Congress 2010 Webcast ? Part 2

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Dux corralled Bas De Baar, Cornelius Fichtner, and myself and we did a collaborative webcast on Ustream while we were at the Project Management Institute’s North America Global Congress in Washington D.C.

Cornelius discusses the importance of building customer relationships early in this segment, and focusing on your customer. His second point is on the importance of project management expertise or industry expertise. As a part of that discussion, I relay a discussion I had with Hal Macomber about the need to have a foundation in whatever type of work you are trying to manage.

Finally, the question of Agile comes up, and why it seems to be such a focus of this particular conference.? I think it’s a class of methodologies that are starting to come into their own.? Glen Alleman comes up on this point and how he has said in the past that many defense and space programs have been doing Agile for a long time.