Project Management for Content Marketing Managers

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Today, Odessa Powell, writer, editor, and fan of project management, shares some tips for content marketing managers.

Content marketing managers commonly lead the completed content department comprising content manager(s), SEO manager(s), and link builder(s). Together, these specialists produce high-quality content and promote their brand via different mediums. The main task of a marketing manager, as a leader, is to coordinate every specialist within the department, assign tasks and track the results, thereby following the execution of a monthly content plan and overall marketing strategy.

The best content marketing managers draw on project management tools and techniques.  Suppose you want to be a high-quality content marketing manager. In that case, you must constantly replenish your industry knowledge, learn, become proficient in new spheres, exchange experience and knowledge with other specialists in the market, and more. This article will consider the practices and tools that will help you with project management and boost your marketing qualification.

Best Practices to Improve Project Management Skills

Keep Current on Trends

Marketing managers need to engage in continuous learning. Marketing trends are evolving rapidly. Consider blog writing for a certain brand. One month, your content plan can entail writing 15 long-read articles, starting from 3000 words each, including all necessary topic keywords, lots of images, CTAs (Calls to Action), and other custom elements. These trends can change in the next month or quarter, requiring short articles starting from 1000 words that are expected to be posted daily to convert traffic.

This simple example shows the need for flexibility and deep industry knowledge to operate, analyze and apply new approaches in content writing, knowing it will work beneficially. The variety of online marketing courses will impress you, as you can find thousands of them on Coursera, Udemy, Alison, and others.

Use Project Management Tools

The right project management tools streamline the process, partially automate it, and decrease the high load for the lead manager. The selection of project management apps depends on your needs as a marketing manager and the types of tasks you want to assign and track. Among the simple solutions, we would mention Trello, where you can create boards for each project or content manager, create new tasks, track their progress, and see the final results.

Jira is another great project management tool that provides the same features but allows tracking of the hours spent on certain tasks and can be easily integrated with other software apps like Confluence, Figma, InVision, and others. Project management tools benefit your internal team, and you can easily share this information with clients, providing transparency in your partnering relationships.

Engage in Team Collaboration

Typically, the marketing department takes part in all tasks related to content creation. These can be internal tasks, like blog article writing, and external tasks, like participation in the client project one-time or full-time. The tasks vary, including writing a landing page for a client or creating a business content marketing strategy from scratch. The primary role of the content marketing manager is to properly distribute the tasks between the content managers and other specialists so all of them can complete them on time.

This is why the marketing manager needs to be on the same page with the entire marketing team, collaborate with content plan creation, and discuss their roles on the client and internal projects. When everyone knows and understands roles and responsibilities, there will be fewer issues with team productivity, project management, and task execution.


Project management entails constant learning; there is no point at which you can stop growing your management skills. A great manager takes the whole responsibility for words, plans, and actions, doesn’t blame the team for failures, and always tries the best to achieve the expected results in content marketing strategy.


Odessa Powell has been copywriting and writing texts for business pages on social networks since her student years. She worked as an editor for the popular writing services reviews Best Writers Online and writing services Trust My Paper. Currently, her range of professional interests includes the topics of self-development and motivation. In her free time, she enjoys yoga and learning foreign languages.