Project Management Career Blues

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Many of my readers and students are dealing with the situation we’ve all been in.

They are in less-than-optimal positions or even unemployed, and trying to break into project management.

It’s a tough situation, and even if I can’t give specific advice for your unique situation, there are many general guidelines for you. ?I write about them all the time on, and here are just a few examples you may want to look at:

I can also be helpful in sharing my own story in dealing with these situations.

My Story

In 2004 I was laid off from a job as a service operations manager for a start-up. ?That was when I re-evaluated my career and realized?I loved project management. My wife was pregnant with our first child and going to college.

It was scary.

After struggling for 6 months I finally settled and took a job as a call center supervisor and tried to make the best of it. ?At the same time, I became?uber-focused on getting into formal project management. ?I?read, researched, and volunteered.

I started researching other?companies in the area. ?I knew this was a?stepping-stone. Getting into?the right company might be more important than going after a?specific job title.
6 months later, I was laid off….again.

This time, my?networking and?research had paid off. Within a month, I landed a job at one of the organizations I targeted. I’ve done it several times since, and?helped many others do the same.

It can be a long, frustrating road, but?you can make it happen.