Project Management: A Developer Speaks Out

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Brandon Ching wrote this awesome post about how a developer views project management. I really thought it was well done and deserving of comment and consideration.

Brandon takes the refreshing “glass is half-full” view of project management by highlighting some of the reasons why developers should want good project managers to work with. Some of the key things cited are:

  • Keeping developers on task and meeting customer requirements
  • Dealing with high-level scope and customer requirements so the developers can focus on modules of functionality and specialize in their art form

As a developer-turned-PM, I can relate. I found that I enjoyed the PM portions of the work more than coding?so here I am now.

I?ll add that I love SCRUM too for software development projects?a great technique that gets around the problem of hounding developers for % complete?the war room daily SCRUM, 15 minutes only with 3 questions for each developer. I wrote about it and how it can be used on traditionally managed projects too. If you are interested, see here.

Again, great work Brandon!