Becoming a PMP Professional is not as hard (or easy) as it seems!

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I’ve been involved with a project management system for 7 years, as a technical writer, than a marketer, and now also in the development and sales aspects. You could say I like to get involved!

I was thinking about getting the CAPM accreditation, to officially be a Certified Associate in Project Management.? All I needed was some training credits and to pass an exam. It seemed simple enough.

But that’s not what I really wanted. I wanted the coveted PMP letters, I wanted to become a Project Management Professional. When I looked at the requirements, I was taken aback by the experience required: 36 months of project management experience is easy enough, but 4500 hours? Surely I would not have all those hours.

Here is the not-so-hard part

A friend of mine strongly encouraged me to fill out the application form, and I was surprised at the totals I got. In the last 8 years, I had been managing projects almost constantly, but I hadn’t realized how quickly it added up: well over the required 4500 hours of experience.

The truth is, project management is a question of perspective. Almost anything can be a project: from organizing the Christmas party to launching a new product, and even redesigning a new website. If it has a beginning, a middle and an end,; if it has a goal at the end to reach for; then you can call it a project.

And this is why it’s not as hard as it seems to become a PMP Professional.

Hence comes the hard(er) part

If you have the experience, now you need to get 35 hours of training. This is 35 hours in a classroom. For all of us who work full-time jobs, it’s a serious commitment to give our precious free time for PM training.

After training comes the exam. This is nerve-racking. What if I invested all this time into getting the accreditation, and I fail?

For me, it turned out to be harder to go through the motions of getting accreditation than having the requirements to be able to apply for accreditation in the first place!

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