What does the PMBOK edition update mean for your PMP?

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PMBOK webinar - photo by radiant guy via Flickr

PMBOK webinar - photo by radiant guy via Flickr

I received an email this morning from Christine on behalf of ESI International about a free webinar to help navigate the differences between the 3rd and 4th editions of the PMBOK guide.

“The current, PMBOK? Guide?Fourth Edition, published by The Project Management Institute (PMI?), includes changes in three categories: consistency, clarification, and coverage. These changes refine ambiguity, increase coherency, and add detail to areas that were lacking or non-existent in previous editions. Process flow diagrams have been replaced by data flow diagrams, and a new appendix focusing on interpersonal skills has been added.

The free ESI webinar is a chapter-by-chapter review, presented by Joseph R. Czarnecki, PMP, Senior Advisor, Instructional Design, ESI. From walkthroughs to side-by-side comparisons

with the previous edition, the review highlights the differences within each PMBOK? Guide knowledge area to help project management professionals identify and understand the more significant changes, as well as the impact of each.”

Please note I don’t endorse this webinar or ESI International per se, but wanted to share this as a helpful resource for the pmStudent.com community.? Please leave some comments to let others know what you thought of the webinar.? Thanks!

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