PMO Best Practices

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This is a question I’m starting to get more often now. ?I do not focus on the PMO or PPM areas, but wanted to offer up some helpful resources for you, and ask YOU the reader for your recommendations too.

Dear Josh!

I am writing to ask your help and advise on PMO topic. I am going to write my MBA final thesis about the “PMO best practices”. I am looking for PMO related websites, communities, books, web articles, podcasts etc.

Your help would be highly appreciated!

Best Regards from?Budapest

Here is a list of resources I can recommend on the topic. Leave a comment and add to the list of recommended resources regarding PMO Best Practices.

Podcasts (links point you specifically to PMO-related shows)


Standards and Resources

* To download, follow these instructions at

  1. Log in with your account
  2. Mouse over the “Resources” on the top menu bar
  3. Under Standards click “Library of PMI Global Standards”
  4. Click “view details” next to Programs
  5. Click “Access the latest edition of this standard”