People Who Need Communications THEIR Way

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In our professional lives, we often encounter individuals who require us to communicate with them in unique ways. This has come up during our discussions in a few different contexts. For example, one of you shared an experience where you had to personally deliver a document and then sit down to listen to war stories. Although it may have seemed time-consuming initially, it turned out to be beneficial as you gained valuable insights from this person’s expertise.

On the other hand, we also encounter people who prefer to communicate solely via email. In such cases, it’s essential to adapt and work around their preferred mode of communication. However, if this mode of communication causes any delay, it’s crucial to inform them about the issue. For instance, I would say, “The fact that I can only communicate with you through email is causing a delay. Here’s the situation.” If the situation persists, I may need to escalate the matter by informing others that the delay is due to the mode of communication, especially during emergencies.

At the end of the day, if the individual responds adequately over email, we might have to learn to work with it. I recall an instance where I worked with someone who had a similar preference. Although I initially found it challenging, I eventually understood that it was his preferred mode of communication. Moreover, he worked in a secured location with limited access, and he was responsive during his breaks when he stepped out of the secure area. So, I adapted and everything worked out well.

However, if the situation ever becomes problematic, it’s important to document it professionally, not out of blame, but as a fact. For example, we might note that we lost time or it cost more due to this mode of communication. It’s always crucial to have these professional business discussions to ensure smooth operations and maintain good working relationships.