Online Project Management Tool Request

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online-project-management-toolI was contacted on Tuesday via Twitter for a recommendation of a good online project management tool. I tend to shy away from specific tools and haven’t reviewed many of the options available these days.

So, I’m outsourcing this request for help to you. Please take a look at Rebecka’s email here and leave a reply with your recommendation. Let’s have some back and forth too, if something isn’t clear let’s ask the follow-up questions to get it clarified. Thanks!

Hi Josh,

Thanks for helping me out in my research.

We are looking for a web-based solution.

We have a staff of about 20 people and we have multiple workgroups. The reason we are seeking project management software is because the work of each workgroup intersects with each other….either in content etc, or the utilization of a staff person’s time (staff are assigned to multiple projects) and we need to make sure we aren’t overloading ourselves.

Each workgroup may have multiple projects/events that need to be completed, and then each project/event would have a set of to do items. In an ideal world, each workgroup would have 1 person responsible for maintaining their timeline/todo list.

Staff want to see the big picture of what’s happening and when. Staff also want to be able to see the tasks associated with each item so they understand the time/resources involved (the goal: to not add work onto a already busy time). It would be good to be able to “toggle” between seeing ALL project/events, and then be able to “drill down” to seeing the details associated with that. Ideally one would be able to see that in a list view of a monthly calendar layout.

Lastly, the more export options the better. While it will be the responsibility of each workgroup representative and our manager to use the pm software regularly, they will need to be able to share the content with others in their workgroup (we know we have people who will be resistant to having to learn new software/visit yet another site).

We don’t need something that includes document collaboration etc.

Let me know if you have any questions of clarification.