New project manager? Twitter can help: #FTPM

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Kareem Shaker just published a post called “First Time Project Manager.”

In the post he talks about project failure and the need to help educate new project managers about the basics of how to make projects successful.

I’m not too convinced by the Standish report and thus don’t spend much time thinking about the rate of project failure on a large scale.? I think the term “delivered on time, on budget” is so massively variable and subjective across all projects that the data is basically worthless.? That said, I tend to think more in terms of individual projects.?? Even if the reports said 80% of projects are successful next year, that makes no impact on the challenges facing all of us on our current projects.

[steps down from soap box]

I’ll start using the #FTPM tag when sending a link or answering questions relevant to new project managers.? I hope many others will do the same.? If you are not yet managing projects but hope to some day it will be relevant for you too.

You don’t even need a twitter account to benefit.? Just go to and type in #FTPM to see what’s going on for new project managers.? If you are a twitter user, you can use your favorite client (mine is TweetDeck) to create a custom column that displays tweets containing #FTPM.

Ask questions

And most important, if you are a new (or aspiring) project manager and want to ask a question of experienced PMs in the twitterverse, just add? #FTPM at the end of your question.

I’ll be watching for you.? See you on the other side.? Oh, and don’t forget to share the wealth with that cute little birdie below.


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