New Doors Are Opening

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So earlier this month I was at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a spacecraft launch. (Here’s my own video from my iPhone edited in with some NASA footage)

My teams and I have spent the last 5 years of our lives (and some more) on the LDCM mission, and it was an experience I’ll never forget.


Now, I am moving on to new opportunities in my career. My family has relocated to California from snowy South Dakota, and I’ve started a new job.

With the new and heightened demands of work and family, the reality is I don?t have much bandwidth left over at the end of the day. You may have already noticed my blogs have been coming with less frequency.

I think we’ve built something special here together at pmStudent though. Thousands of new readers find an article or video every day and *hopefully* get some much needed direction for their project management careers here. It needs attention, the community deserves it.

I made a short list of people I know and trust who share my values and approach to serving their own communities. I needed someone special to take the torch and carry the community forward into the future. I found THE perfect person for pmStudent in my opinion, and I hope you all agree.

Please watch this short video and start getting to know Margaret. I think you are all in for a treat, and I look forward to seeing what pmStudent becomes under her leadership.

Thank you all!