My Interview On The PM Podcast

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Cornelius Fichtner over at The PM Podcast surprised me a while back by inviting me to be an interview guest on his show. I was obviously flattered as he puts out the grand daddy of project management podcasts, and I’ve been listening to the show for many moons. In my opinion Cornelius’ The PM Podcast and Dina Scott’s Controlling Chaos are in a league of their own.

The interview focuses mostly on my background and the differences between the academic and working worlds of project management education. I also mentioned one of my favorite project management books, “Project Management in the Fast Lane” by Robert Newbold. It is one of my favorite because it does a great job at teaching the mechanics and “how to” of doing Critical Chain Project Management.

Take a listen, and if you haven’t already discovered The PM Podcast, I highly recommend going back to listen to past shows. Cornelius does an interview format for most of his shows, and has a lot of great guests. Don’t worry, most of them have much more project management experience than I do!

The PM Podcast Episode 065: BS and MBA in Project Management