Lessons Learned in Project Management

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I have learned sooooo much over the past decade that I’ve been managing projects.

So when Terrell asked for sharing lessons learned, I was all over it.

My blog and project management training pretty much are my lessons learned from over the years. ?The great thing about having written this blog for 5 years now is that I can easily search my website to either jog my own memory or provide a resource for someone else who can benefit from my experience. ?Avoiding mistakes by focusing on lessons learned is extremely important. ?I even created a collaborative template for capturing lessons learned in project management for people to adapt and use.

Because I write and teach about the myriad of different aspects involved with project management, there is a lot of diversity in my lessons learned resources.

Trust me, even though it may seem like I’ve got it all figured out, I have personally screwed up each and every aspect of managing teams and projects at least once.

Here are a few specific ones I’ve written or done training for.