Learning the Hard Way

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Learn the Hard Way - by laverrue via Flickr

Learn the Hard Way - by laverrue via Flickr

When I started getting interested in formal project management, I was lost.? I didn’t know where to start, and when I found some information I usually didn’t fully understand it because I was not familiar with the lingo.

One of my goals for pmStudent.com is to save other people the pain I went through while trying to get into project management.? I am working on some things now behind the scenes (top secret, sorry but this information is classified!) that will help me acheive that goal for everyone out there who is interested in project management but needs the fundamentals.

I’ve shared many of my personal learning experiences on this blog over the years, and now I am asking you to share yours for the benefit of all so we don’t have to learn the hard way.

Tell the pmStudent community a story when you learned a lesson the hard way in relation to project management.

  • Who are the players on the stage of your tale? (no names or companies please)
  • What happened?
  • What could you have done differently?

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